Shellyne Rodriguez

Visiting Faculty

Shellyne Rodriguez is a visual artist who works in multiple mediums to depict spaces and subjects engaged in strategies of survival against subjugation. This emotive inquiry puts the Baroque in contact with a Decoloniality rooted in hip hop culture. Her work utilizes text, drawing, painting, found materials, and sculpture to emphasize her ideas. Shellyne graduated with a BFA in Visual & Critical Studies From the School of Visual Arts and an MFA in Fine Art from CUNY Hunter College. She has had her work and projects exhibited at El Museo del Barrio, Queens Museum, New Museum and her work has recently been commissioned by the city of New York for a permanent public sculpture, which will serve as a monument to the people of the Bronx. Shellyne is also a community organizer and an active member of radical grassroots collective Take Back the Bronx.

Shellyne Rodriguez artwork
Neighborhood Watch, 2020. Oil on Linen, 4 x 6 feet