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Family Portrait

Family Portrait is a curatorial project that will take place in the 205 Hudson Project Space beginning September 4, 2019, and will include works by Areum Yang, Leo Madriz, Ludovic Nkoth, Paasha Motamedi, Aditi Shah, Kathleen Granados, Kajin Kim, and Julie Zhu.

Every culture has the tradition of family portraits, stylized and formalized versions of our family stories that we present to the world, on our mantels or in our wallets. But real family experiences are messy, conflicted, loving, supportive, distant, overbearing, emotional, personal. These stories, both the formal and the real, are the threads we choose to pick up or not, in creating our own personal histories. This show will bring together artists who work on themes of family and storytelling, whose work constitutes abstracted or deconstructed family portraits. How do we make our own private family portraits, in media that refracts through ancient (poetry/painting) to modern technology (Whatsapp/FaceTime)? How do the stories of our families, or objects that they've touched, or perspectives on the world they've given us, become a collective portrait of ourselves and our contexts? These evolving self-portraits and family portraits are never static, but hold in them the tension of loving and living in modern society.

This page will function as an online sketchbook before the show opens on September 4th, and as a catalogue after it closes.

Kathleen Granados

Origins, 2018 Dishtowels, spoons, fabric, modeling paste 23 x 12.5 in.

Kajin Kim

Breath, 2017. Single channel video installation, dimensions variable.

Leo Madriz

Still from HOME NOT HOME, mixed media, single channel video, audio, 11:17min, 2019

Ludovic Nkoth

Alexandria Ryahl

Aditi Shah

Adored Frames

Julie Zhu

Areum Yang