MFA Thesis Exhibition Part II

May 18 - June 04, 2017

Part two of Hunter College’s Spring 2017 MFA Thesis exhibition will open Thursday, May 18 and run through Sunday, June 4, 2017 at the 205 Hudson Gallery at 205 Hudson Street. The show will include the work of twelve graduating Hunter College MFA students whose work spans across a range of media, examining subjects of gender, sexual identity, nationality, immigration, government, and technology.

James Bayard uses sound foley as a material through which he live broadcasts audio of a nearby American flag. Sujung Chang's new work 'Barometric Reading' examines her migration through the prism of weather forecasting technology. Laura McMillian, firmly rooted in the practice of party, uses sculpture and performance to envisage new possibilities of domesticity. Arkadiy Ryabin is exploring the plateaus and subterranean realities of archival becoming, and it’s relationship to private/public histories via the moving image, audio, and installation.

Ricardo Contreras' work deals with the intersections of art practice and internet subcultures, prodding and questioning the barriers between the internet and "real" life. Peter Hoffmeister has created sculptures, which he refers to as "document-objects," using declassified and leaked U.S. government documents to address issues regarding state secrecy. Alexander Perrelli's immersive physical environment presents the idea of an imagined space of survival through the lens of personal crisis and a life-long interest in science fiction. Chris Spangler has had to restrict access to one room of Hunter's 205 Hudson Gallery due to installation in progress.

Wendy Fulenwider Liszt’s paintings evoke bodies so porous that the viewer doesn’t know if they’re looking at structure or escape route. Pink and bodacious, the hand formed surfaces of Christian Rogers' paintings explore queer culture and history though a quasi fictional lens, utilizing folky pictorial modes of story telling. Lena Schmid makes drawings about the collusion of the body and nature. In Ahna Serendren's installation work, textural paintings with wonky papier mâché frames hang like windows into abstract landscapes, all floating in the larger context of a painted wall mural.

The 205 Hudson Gallery is located at 205 Hudson Street, with an entrance on Canal Street between Hudson and Greenwich Streets. The MFA Thesis Part 2 exhibition will be open to the public 7 days a week from 10am–6pm, or by appointment. Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, May 18, 6–9pm.