Eugina Song portrait

Eugina Song

Studio 340

b. 1987, London, UK

BFA, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Concentration: Painting

Projected Graduation: Fall 2017

Born in London to Korean expatriate parents and having lived in London, Seoul, California and New York, I have always recognized my environment and searched for the embodiment of culture. Dis-placed and re-placed into new locales, space and illusions of space take on special meaning in my practice. Often facing popular culture as the window to another culture, my work has been closely tied to pop culture, mass produced, and beauty.

My recent investigation at hunter attempts to investigate plastic culture, the artificial world, through materials. What it means to be plastic also means reproducibility and multiplicity. Acrylic paint and silicone are poured or rendered to capture the fluid material or shapes, often allowing forms to become material. 

Synthetic palette of Crayola points to mass-produced popular culture that are seductive, playful, and at the same time, aggressive. Utilizing the light and transparency in the colors, material sense of the artificial color becomes apparent. Fetishizing the reflection creates images that are fractured, distorted, repeated, and broken, underlying currents of both pleasure, joy, sexuality, glamour and the ever present need to cover up.