Jamie Bayard portrait

Jamie Bayard

Studio 328


b. 1991, Wilmington, DE U.S.A

BA, Bard College Annandale-On-Hudson, NY

Concentration: Sculpture

Projected Graduation: Spring 2017

Dear visitor,

A legal person, or persona ficta, is by definition a proxy, a representational

“vehicle” charged with powers to act.* In the institutional domains of art, the object

itself performs on behalf of the artist. Taking up this elusive designation of personhood,

objects themselves become charged with the same powers to act. Acting as an agent,

or proxy, on behalf of the artist, objects are granted this power “in good faith” when

you come in contact with the work. This object-based relationship suggests a non-

hierarchical situation between you and the work.

Interventions into the space of agency, both symbolic and real, allow me to expand

authority. With gestures ranging from parody to protest, I aim to alter perceptions of

what it means to perform by exploiting materials and corporeal signifiers: A piece of

choreography allows for a kind of self-transformation with another performer named:

Jamie Bayard. A curtain becomes a duet partner in a collaborative waltz. A cancerous

body part doubles as a mascot for entertainment, awareness, and an omen.

These challenges to definitions of personhood, and partnership, encourage us to

reconsider the conditions of performance in the exhibition space—a civic forum with its

own codes and possibilities.

*Dewey, J."The Historic Background of Corporate Legal Personality," 1926. Yale Law Journal, 35