Miko Veldkamp portrait

Miko Veldkamp

Studio 457


Paramaribo, Surinam

BA. Sculpture and Video, Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Concentration: Painting

Projected Graduation: Spring 2021

My paintings combine a gestural freedom with detailed narratives that tap into our collective and individual memories. I look for classical painterly themes, moments in between, things to aspire to but that are less than perfect, waking dreams or distant utopian fantasies. Painted with a fluency that echos contemporary perception and memory, and with my own biography as source material, the paintings become windows into scenes and moods of East Coast United States, The Netherlands and Surinam. 


The long commute, 30 x 48 in (76x122cm) oil on canvas, 2017.


Tekno (lonely party), 12x16inch, oil on canvas, 2018.


Dancing in the living room, 16 x 12 in, oil on canvas, 2018.


The marathon, 24 x 18 in, oil on cotton, 2018.


Two DJs, 12 x 16 in, oil on paper mounted on canvas, 2018.