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Standard Deviations is an exhibition dedicated to rethinking the implicit rules that govern the production, consumption, and dissemination of artworks. The objects, videos, and images in the exhibition manifest a panoply of art practices and mediums. Digitally disseminated images democratize the accessibility and circulation of artworks, as compared to those which are restricted to the confines of physical space, while the sculptural works on view employ quotidien materials, such as dust or nylon, to create familiar shapes and objects. Thus, many of the artistic choices herein are indifferent to the conventions of ownership and value set by the triad of the art market, academia, and museums. The exhibition challenges the centrality of the white cube as the primary locus of creation, display, and reception.  

Collectively, these works investigate how art questions how artworks may be contextualized. The pervasive tendency of the art world to categorize artworks according to a niche, such as “graffiti art” or “feminist art,” is subverted by the proliferation of individual artistic talents presented here. A subset of the works within this exhibition pertains to contemporary issues of gender, politics, the environment, war, and the premise of art. Each of these artists challenges institutionally normalized ways of approaching art. 

Standard Deviations urges the audience to experience art without being restricted by a prescribed mode of interaction. The audience is encouraged to contemplate, empathize, laugh, as well as consider the framework within which an artwork may be interpreted. By foregrounding factors of deviance, the exhibition aims to provoke a critical response to the various issues of inclusion and exclusion in our contemporary visual culture.

Caption for Jazmine Hayes