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Technical Shops Manager Wood Shop - Room 205 Metal Shop - Room 205D

Office Hours: Mondays: 9am to 7pm Fridays: 9am to 7pm

Contact: Office - 205C (Wood Shop) Email: witts.huntermfa@gmail.com

The Hunter MFA wood shop is located on the 2nd floor of the 205 Hudson building. The shop contains all major stationary equipment and hand tools. The Vibraclean ventilation system is powerful and connects to all major tools, providing good air quality and a safe work environment. Shop manager, Witts, offers mandatory shop training for all students at the beginning of each semester. He is also available two days a week to answer questions and maintain the equipment. Several work study students are available during the rest of the week to lend assistance.

Stationary tools:


2 x Saw Stop table saws
Jet 15” band saw
Jet 12” band saw
Milwaukee Panel saw
Jet 6” jointer
Dewalt 12” table top planer
Jet drum sander
2 x Jet combination disc/belt sander
Dewalt scroll sander
Jet drill press
Baleigh downdraft table